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Loving God's Children in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

In 2014, God gave Devon Lang and Colleen McGrath a vision to lavish His love upon a group of boys living on the streets of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. This vision soon turned into a reality and changed the trajectory of their lives forever. The sole purpose of this dream was for these children to know and feel God's love personally, to encounter the living God who calls them by name and has the power to set them free.  From that, Because He Loves came into being. 

While the exact number of homeless boys in Zimbabwe is unknown, Because He Loves Inc. has worked with over 150 boys and young men from their base in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe. The boys comprise a transient population that move from city to city all over the country. Each one has a different story and reason for why he has become homeless, but the one commonality they share is that they lie down to sleep in places no one should ever reside or call "home."

While we would love for all of these boys to live in a home environment either reunited with family or in a forever home, we realize that there are many barriers hindering them from acclimating into a familial environment. They struggle with substance use, addictions and behavioral problems, all of which are challenging and can hinder the transition process. As a result we have split our ministry into two areas: The first is street ministry where we live life alongside these boys, building relationships and trust, helping create a plan for them when they are ready to leave street life. The second facet of our ministry is family reunification and forever homes. This option is offered for those who have reached a place where they are ready to come off the streets.  

For more information on what we do, who we are, to join our email list, or to find out how you can get involved, feel free to explore this site or Contact Us.